Case Study

Director: RT!
Producer: Iva Golubovic
Technical Director: Connor Illsley
Creative Consultant: Jon Riera

Produced by Combo Bravo in partnership with TIFF

The Film

Transport - An Adventure in 360 is a TIFF commissioned short film originally made to be exhibited at their BoomBox party, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. Written and directed by RT!, the film takes the user on a journey as one of the first human test subjects of the matter transported. Inspired by the collective Star Trek movies and television series, Transport is filled with Trekkie easter eggs and exciting worlds to explore.

Production Hurdles

One of the obvious problems with producing 360 content is the camera see's all, so it's often difficult to find the right location to make a scene work. For the lab location for Transport we needed a large cavernous space with lots of technical computer gear. We had found the perfect location at a prop vehicle warehouse, the only issue is there was a full TTC subway car in the center of it. Unable to move the subway in time we decided to shoot plates and paint it out in post. Below is a before and after.

The Result

The film premiered at the TIFF Boombox party October 28, 2016 and is currently released on the SamsungVR network. It has recieved 22,000 plays on Samsung to date.

Our Work