Chevy Cruze Hatch

Case Study

Creative Director: Ryan Paterson
Director of Photography: Jon Riera
Technical Director: Connor Illsley
Producer: Stephanie Hooker
Retoucher: James Kachan
Client: ISOBar Canada

The Challenge

The Chevy Cruze Hatch project was a great opportunity to create super high resolution 360 stills of tight spaces. We needed to be able to show all the high tech details that makes the Hatch cutting edge and demonstrate the versatility of the space inside.

The Approach

To capture the interior we used a Canon 1DxMkII with the Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens. We mounted the camera upside down using a suction cup to the sunroof, then attaching a small ball head with a pan joint. By adjusting the ball head plate back and forth we were able to find the ideal nodal point to rotate the lens on to give the least amount of parallax between images. We tethered to a computer to capture and process straight into Adobe Lightroom.

From Lightroom we were able to quickly batch export out to Autopano Giga and check our coverage, as well as do rough exports in the studio and check lighting and exposure.

In post we created 2 sets of images in Lightroom, bracketing the exposure to be able to get details in areas like the floor mats and some of the darker upholstery options. In Giga we stitched the images using optimization grouping so we could warp the images into place and still have both versions of the brackets exposures the exact same positions.

Once initially stitched we exported layered psd’s and they were given to James Kachan for retouching and final blending. Once together and blended James removed the windows and sent back and we positioned the exterior stock shots using Mettle Skybox plugins to adjust the pan and tilt to match the environment to the cars.

The Result

We delivered 3 high resolution interiors and exteriors that were incorporated into the Cruze Hatch Website, allowing users to interact and scroll through 3 different use cases. We also delivered a flat fly through video to play as a preroll add that utilized all the aforementioned assets and a bit of After Effects animation magic.

Our Work