Rotary International: Two Drops of Patience

Case Study

Producer: Alora May
Director: Bruce Sinclair 
Cinematographer: Jon Riera
Technical Director: Connor Illsley

Client: Idea Studio

Brand: Rotary International

In the fall of 2017, working with Idea Studio, we set out with a team from Rotary International to create an authentic 360 documentary about what it takes to eradicate Polio. We wanted to show first hand how far teams have to go to immunize children in far off places. We travelled to the remote Karamoja Region in Northern Uganda and worked with local Roteract members to mount a vaccination mission. We hiked deep into the mountain ridge near the Kenyan border to show a real life vaccination in a real village.

Following Roteract member Patience, we learn how easy it is to immunize a child against Polio as well as how important it is to continue the fight to make sure the disease does not come back. We went literal great lengths to make sure we portrayed a real and accurate vaccination team doing a real vaccination visit to a village.

The full 360 film will be available this September in the Rotary VR app.

Rotary: Two Drops of Patience – Trailer

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