Neudies: Once Rejected Now Their Own Toys

Case Study

Producer: Stephanie Hooker
Director: Jon Riera
Cinematographer: Mike Reid
Animator: Ivan Miguel
Editor and Finishing: Connor Illsley
Studio: Astrolab Toronto

Client: Enrique Diaz Rato

Kickstarter Campaign: The Neudies

Long time friends of Combo Bravo, Enrique and Ines Rato, had a dream, to give rejected genitals a chance to become the toys they were always meant to be. We worked with them to create a video piece that would be the cornerstone of their Kickstarter campaign and create a rich background narrative for Nagavi and Nipes, better know as The Neudies.

An animated sequence by Ivan Miguel was used to setup the context for our interview style video hosted by the majestic Marcus Anderson. We built a set using large print outs of Enrique’s vector designs that we would end up layering in throughout the edit to blend the reality between the real world and the Neudies world. The end result is a video that explained not only the campaign and it’s goals but created a rich world of story around the toys for backers to invest in.

The Neudies campaign has since been fully funded on Kickstarter.

Neudies: Once Reject Now Their Own Toy

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