Mountain Dew – The Professor Got Handles

Case Study

Director: Jon Riera
Technical Director: Connor Illsley

Client: Secret Location

As part of the VR game, "The Professor Presents: Got Handles" we worked with Secret location to create a live action intro and outro for the game as well as 360 trailer. Using the talent of The Professor we shot multiple versions and put together a fun experience to kick off the game and get the players  into the space.

We filmed using the Google JUMP cam utilizing its 5.7k 60fps capture to give us smooth motion for the basketball tricks and dribbles and 6k steroscopic finishing. For client monitoring we used the Teradek sphere and a second smaller 360 rig to send a wireless feed 200ft offset to our iPad Pro mirrored on a 50 inch flat screen.

We built a 50'x50' lighting grid to give an even fall off to the large warehouse space, which we later painted out in post production.

For the game we spent 2 days in a motion capture studio breaking down the mechanics of the The Prof's moves and creating a catalogue of the different techniques and movements that tie each move together.

You can find The Professor Presents: Got Handles on all major VR headset stores.

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The Professor Presents: #GotHandles Trailer

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