Game of Thrones – #Forthethrone

Case Study

Brand: Game of Thrones

Client: Droga5

Producer: Kegan Sant, Kate Montague
Director: Aramique

Cinematographer: Jon Riera
Technical Director: Connor Illsley

Produced by: The Lodge & Tool of North America

The Idea

In the lead up to the final season of Game of Thrones, Droga5 and HBO had developed the idea of a global treasure hunt that would allow the most ravenous fan base to search the corners of the world for the Iron Throne.

The Lodge and Tool of North America, challenged Combo Bravo to capture 24 hours of continuous 360 video footage of each Throne to give the fans just enough information to fuel their quest #forthethrone.

The Challenge

To give fans enough clues to zero in on each thrones location we needed to capture 24 hours of continuous 360 video. That final deliverable would need to be shipped for upload 48 hours after shooting, allowing for almost zero post production in the field. To further complicate things the camera solution would need to be able to be exposed to the elements for the entire shoot, in temperatures anywhere from -25C to +35C.

The Solution

The only option was to develop a totally bespoke camera and stitching pipeline to achieve the results we were hoping to achieve. We made a custom camera rig consisting of 2 ZCam E2’s, a compact, tough as nails MFT camera system boasting 15 stops dynamic range and a super low noise floor. Using the E2’s meant we would be able to remotely control the camera units through Ethernet, and take a 10 bit, 4K signal out of camera to send to our base camp for stitching.

We ran and dressed a 200’ cable that held our 2, 6G SDI video feeds, 2 channels of audio and 2 CAT6 Ethernet cables. All of this data would end up in a basecamp van/tent/bunker in each country that would house our custom built PC. Using Wonderstich an PTGUI we would live stitch and record a 4K feed, allowing us to take most of the work off of the camera units and allow us total control of the image remotely.

As a final step we would take the stitched video into Davinci Resolve and apply a colour grade, sync sound and compress for the web.

The Result

#ForTheThrone was one of the largest and most successful treasure hunts in marketing history, picked up in local language press and television in every major market.

Throne of the North

Throne of the Forest

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